11 Benefits of Great Content Marketing

11 Benefits of Great Content Marketing

High-quality content marketing is your gateway to stronger brand awareness, brand trust and more sales. Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B business, content marketing is one of today’s most important marketing elements.

Many startups have used content marketing to growth-hack their way into building successful businesses. But the benefits of high-quality content stem beyond growth hacking.

Why is content marketing essential for any business?

Content marketing allows you to share information with your target audience, engage with them, answer questions, help them solve their challenges, and give them value.

Through content marketing, businesses can build trust, authority, generate more leads, increase conversions, and build loyalty.

The key factor to successful content marketing is consistent, high-quality content.

Yet, according to recent surveys, 11% of companies evaluate their content marketing strategy performance as ‘excellent’?

In this blog post, I share with you 11 benefits of creating great content and how to elevate your content marketing quality.

So, here are 11 Key Benefits of High-Quality Content Marketing.

1. Bigger Brand Awareness

Although brand awareness doesn’t necessarily translate to sales right away, it is quite essential. Effective brand awareness campaigns and content eventually lead to sales.

Great content allows you to build awareness of your brand. Whether your content is entertaining, educational, evergreen content, or purely focuses on what your business is about, great content will draw attention to your brand.

Think of content as digital real estate. Be it a social media post, YouTube video or blog post, the more high-quality content you create, the more attention you get from your target audience.

2. Higher Engagement

Engagement can be measured by how many likes, comments, shares, saves your content gets.

There is a direct correlation between engaging content and successful business. High-quality content is about engaging your target audience. The higher the engagement, the higher your chances in converting attention and traffic into sales.

Today, most digital platforms algorithms use engagement to decide whether your content should be shown to other people or not. The higher the engagement, the more organic boost your content receives.

3. Increase Brand Trust

Although trust is a metric you can’t directly measure on digital platforms, you can still measure through surveys and polls. When it comes to sales and marketing, trust is the most important factor in your success. People buy from those they trust. And high-quality content allows you to build trust by telling them your story and brand purpose.

4. Increase Brand Authority

Authority is another key ingredient to success. Establishing authority is all about showcasing you are a subject matter expert. For example, if you are a dietitian, people will more likely become clients if they know you are certified. But more importantly, when you convey to them that you are an expert by sharing your knowledge.

High-quality content helps you build authority, especially when you post content that educates your target audience about topics related to your product or service.

5. Increase Organic Traffic

One way or another, you want people to visit your website to learn more about your business and buy your product. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely people will visit your site. Search engines and social media platforms rank better content higher, and so, your visibility will increase. The more visible your content is, the more traffic you will be able to generate.

6. Generate More Leads

Lead generation is a critical step in growing your business. To generate more leads, you need to increase online traffic. As mentioned earlier, the higher the content quality, the more traffic you receive.

7. Generate More Sales

Although content marketing is not the fastest way to generate sales when you compare it to advertising, great content will allow you to increase sales and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Sales could happen directly when someone engages with your content. Or, whilst researching, your content gives them the last push they needed to purchase. Regardless of where they are in the sales funnel, great content will always help progress people closer to buying your product or service.

8. Improve Customer Loyalty

If your business relies on customer retention or repeat customer purchase, customer loyalty is crucial for your growth. Great content is a reminder to your customer base why they chose to purchase your product in the first place. If they consistently see high-quality content from your business, they are more likely to continue being customers.

9. Improve Return On Investment

Regardless of how you spend on advertising, great content will always help improve your return on investment. Engaging content helps improve conversion rates, and so, for every ad dollar you spend, you are more likely to get more conversions which will improve your ROAS and ROI.

10. Increase Chances of Going Viral

Most content creators never go viral on day 1. But by consistently creating high-quality content, you get better at it, and eventually, you create a content piece that goes viral. Every time you create content, you get feedback from your target audience. This feedback helps you improve and create better content next time until you hit the jackpot. For some content creators, this can happen quite quickly, and for others, this can take more time. At the end of the day, consistently creating engaging content leads you to eventually going viral.

11. Helps Optimise Your Ads

Content marketing is a great way to understand your target audience and optimise your brand messaging. The more content you create, the better you know how to effectively communicate with your target audience. This will then directly help you optimise your ads and improve your ad performance.