Facebook Ad Examples: What You Can Adopt And How They Can Improve

Facebook Ad Examples: What You Can Adopt And How They Can Improve

Looking for Facebook Ad examples to improve your Facebook Ads and get more return on your investment? This resource has a list of high-performing Facebook Ads along with insights on what you can learn and adopt from these ads.

Facebook Advertising is a great way to drive brand awareness and sales. But if your ads don’t perform as they should, you can quickly waste your ad budget.

When it comes to Advertising, there are no clear-cut rules on what you should and shouldn’t do. After all, people have different preferences and interests, and businesses have different products and value propositions. In saying that, there are best practices that if you follow, your Facebook Advertising will most likely bring the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

Facebook Ads Best Practices

According to WordStream, the average conversion rate on Facebook is 9.2%. But brands that use Facebook Advertising best practices typically see higher conversions than the rest.

Here are 6 best practices to consider.

1. Be highly targeted

Regardless of how great your Facebook Ads are, if they are targeting the wrong people, they won’t work. Fortunately, Facebook has advanced audience targeting capability that allows you to show your ads to the right audience. To show your ads to the right people, you have to first be clear on who they are. A buyer persona exercise can help you zoom in on who your target buyers are. Once you’ve identified your target audience, create Facebook Audiences that focus on them. There are various ways you can create Facebook Audiences.

Saved Audiences: allow you to filter people by interest, age, gender, job, and other criteria.

Lookalike Audiences: allow to reach new people who are similar to audiences you’ve advertised to.

Custom Audiences: allow you to advertise to people who’ve already shown interest in your business or product. Custom audiences can be based on your website traffic, customer list, video interactions, lead form interactions, and a lot more.

glen carrie ra4vJwxnvAo unsplash

2. Create a coherent & consistent message

Your ad components (primary text, button, headline, visual) need to be all aligned and coherent. Before creating an ad, come up with one goal/objective of the ad in the form of one sentence. This can help you stay focused on the purpose of the ad and what it needs to communicate.

3. Communicate the value proposition

The value proposition will vary immensely based on your product, pricing strategy, competition, etc. It’s important that the ad conveys what’s in it for your audience. In other words, you should communicate the problem and how your offering solves their problem.

4. Create attention-grabbing visuals

Creating an ad that grabs attention is absolutely critical. If you people scroll past your ad, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you should and will waste ad budget. Ensure your ad visuals (image or video) or unique, creative, and communicate your message. Avoid visuals that are text-heavy. Instead, create visuals that spark interest and curiosity.

5. Have a clear headline/CTA

Avoid confusing call-to-action. No matter how good your ad visual and copy are, if your call-to-action is confusing, your ad will not perform well. Your CTA should be straight to the point and communicates a clear action people need to take. If you’re not sure which headline works best, Facebook Ads has a feature that lets you test multiple headlines in the same ad as you can see on the screen below.

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6. Communicate credibility & trust signal

Trust signals are very important when it comes to advertising. There are multiple ways to communicate trust. Here are some examples:

  • product overall rating
  • how many people purchased your product
  • where your business was featured
  • company partnerships

In the following Facebook Ad examples, I’ll be sharing with you 10 Facebook Ad examples, what makes them effective, and how I think they can further improve.

10 Facebook Ad Examples

1.     Headspace

erik mclean Z41 IZ6Ctis unsplash (1)

What Stands Out About This Ad

It’s Simple. Most of the time, simplicity makes an ad very powerful. As you can see whether, in the ad copy or the creative, the Ad is simple and conveys the message in a straightforward manner.

Communicate the solution. The ad video animation says “28% less sad in 10 days” which quickly conveys what people can expect if they use the app. In addition, the ad headline tells people that they can try the app for free.

What Can Improve

Longer ad copy that tells people more details on how the app works, what other benefits they can get by using it, and how others enjoyed it.

2.     Fast

austin distel tLZhFRLj6nY unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

Provides Contrast. The ad creative has a great visual comparison of how their checkout process is a lot faster and more effective.

The copy is compelling. The ad copy begins by telling you how they identified a problem with today’s e-commerce checkout process. It grabs attention and compels us to want to learn more about how their product can solve the problem.

What Can Improve

More impactful CTA. The call to action assumes that you’re using WooCommerce. I don’t. Perhaps it should address people using different e-commerce platforms.

3.     Launch Boom

wojtek witkowski h7rOzTmGxWE unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

Attention-grabbing visual. The image uses a nice yellow background that grabs attention.

Pinpoints the challenge. The image communicates what their target audience is looking to solve.

Effective CTA. The call to action tells you that you’ll get a free training and what that training will help you with.

What Can Improve

The logo of the company is taking a big part in the image ad. Perhaps that’s done for brand awareness purposes, but perhaps other graphics/visuals could be used to convey the message better instead of using the logo.

4.     Coursera

kenny eliason I6wCDYW6ij8 unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

Social Proof. The ad image displays how many people rated the advertised program and its star rating.

Explains the outcomes. The ad copy explains what you can expect to learn by taking on this program.

What Can Improve

The call-to-action is short and not impactful. The ad can performance can improve by developing a stronger headline/CTA.

5.     Video Ask

pexels kerde severin 1542252

What Stands Out About This Ad

Explains the product. The video ad does a good job of visually explaining the product and how marketers can use it to drive sales.

Effective CTA. The headline asks you if you use video funnels. It’s a good way of saying to someone that they’re missing out without actually saying it.

What Can Improve

The headline or copy should emphasise that they offer a free trial. Also, the ad should mention data on how video funnels drive more sales compared to other funnels. Perhaps the ad copy can start with “Increase funnel conversions by up to 150% using Video funnels.

6.     Upwork

pexels zesan 8524589

What Stands Out About This Ad

Effective Ad copy. The ad tells you that Upwork is the world’s largest remote talent network.

Conveys a value proposition. The ad video starts by communicating a distinct value proposition which is the platform’s advanced matching technology.

What Can Improve

The call-to-action can improve. Instead of just saying “Post a job for free” it can focus on the ultimate value people can get from using the platform which is beyond just posting a job for free.

7.     Click Minded

kevin ku aiyBwbrWWlo unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

A well-designed graphic. The ad communicates that ClickMinded helps agency owners scale their business through their SOPs and templates. The graphic they designed visually communicates the templates well.

Powerful copy. The ad copy starts by telling you to stop trading time for money, which is a key problem for most agency owners. It’s an effective way to start the ad message.

What Can Improve

Instead of just using a still visual, the ad could be a video animation of the templates, how they can be used and how they can help agency owners to scale their businesses.

8.     Hello Fresh

dan burton w3TwyZMlfPg unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

Well-crafted video. The video utilises a great combination of text and product visuals that effectively deliver the message. It doesn’t require the audio to be on to create impact.

Discount in the copy. Besides the ad copy being clear and straight forward, it gives you the discount code for a 40% discount – a good way to drive sales and purchases.

9.     Elementor

pexels samer daboul 1226721

What Stands Out About This Ad

Great visual representation. Elementor does a good job showing you their landing pages in this video ad. Not only they show the landing pages in a beautiful way, they also have visually mention the upside of using their product in the ad such as +35% ROI and +36%CVR.

Great Call-to-action. The CTA is clear, effective, and communicates the

jon tyson zpWMp4ia k unsplash


What Can Improve

The ad can benefit from a couple of trust signals such as ratings or how many businesses are using their product.

10.  Digital Marketer

domenico loia hGV2TfOh0ns unsplash

What Stands Out About This Ad

Creates curiosity. The ad image tells you that, you, as a Fractional CMO, can make $336,000 per year. It shows you a formula that results in that figure but the formula is labeled with question marks which makes us curious how they came up with it. This creates curiosity and interest which increases enquiries.

Creative Call-to-action. The headline says “You…A Fractional CMO?” which I find to be different and creative compared to most Facebook Ads headlines. It’s a friendly and fun way to ask you whether you are capitalizing on what they have to offer.

What Can Improve

The ad image has a visual of “Learn more” which is repetitive because the call-to-action button is already “learn more”. Instead, that space on the image can be utilised to deliver an additional message.