5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Optimise Google Ads Campaigns

Easy Ways to Optimise Google Ads Campaigns

Every marketer is facing the fact that PPC and Search Engine Marketing is becoming more and more expensive year on year. Unless a new disruptive technology or a platform suddenly emerge, you need to constantly solve mini problems that when compounded over each other, you can mitigate the rising cost of marketing and advertising.

The average conversion rate for Google AdWords users is 2.7 per cent for the Search Network and 0.89 percent for the Display Network. Of course, you want your business to be anything but average. You can leave those average numbers behind by following these digital advertising tips which will help you to optimise AdWords Campaigns.

1. Optimise Your Quality Score

Your Quality Score determines your cost per click and your ad’s rank. The better your Quality Score, the more likely people will see your ad. It will also be easier to stay within your budget.

When determining your Quality Score, Google looks at your:

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Keyword Relevance
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Landing Page Relevance
  • Ad Text Relevance
  • Account Performance

Google has yet to say how much each factor impacts your Quality Score, but one thing is clear. When your Quality Score goes up, you spend less on your campaign and your ads rank higher.

2. Align Your Ad Copy with Your Landing Page

Driving traffic to your landing page isn’t enough. You want to get meaningful clicks that convert, which means you have to align your ad copy with your landing page. The landing page design and copy should intrigue and build visitors’ credibility. It should be relevant and make sense. This will improve your lead generation and sales numbers.

3. Use Negative Keywords Wisely

People are going to type in search queries that aren’t relevant to your ads. If you fail to use negative keywords, their searches will trigger your ads and your conversion rate will go down.

Negative keywords allow you to exclude specific keywords or search terms. If someone searches for one of those words or terms, your ad won’t appear. Brainstorm for the best negative keywords for your market so you can boost your lead generation and sales efforts.

4. Piggyback off Your Competitors

Your competitors have already done a lot of the work for you. Research them so you can piggyback off their success.

Tools like Spyfu.com let you research your competitors’ historical data, such as paid and organic keywords use. You can even view their Google AdWords copy.

Once you have this information, you’ll be able to optimise your own ads by adding the best keywords and CTAs to the copy.

5. Boost Conversion Rates with Remarketing

Most conversions don’t happen on the first visit. In fact, 96 percent of website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase and close to 70 percent of consumers abandon their shopping carts.

Remarketing allows you to reach the people who have abandoned their shopping carts, as well as those who are in different parts of the purchase funnel. These ads often have higher conversion rates, while typically having a smaller click-through rate. That means you’ll receive meaningful clicks with these ads.

Add these tips to your digital advertising strategy. Then, watch your lead generation and sales shoot through the roof. You will reach more potential customers and get more conversions when you use these strategies.