Lead Generation Tactics And Strategies For A Better ROI

Lead Generation Tactics And Strategies For A Better ROI

Looking for game-changing lead generation tactics?

Every marketers dream is to be able to implement the best and most effective lead generation tactics. Digital Marketers are always on the hunt for the best ways to improve lead generation.

Back in 1999, it took Google a month to crawl and index 50 Million pages. Today, this takes seconds if not less. We have come a long way in the search engine world and Google being the dominant force, with roughly 75% market share in desktop and 90% in mobile (source: smartinsights.com), is constantly expanding the possibilities for both consumers and businesses.

Two-thirds of search queries on Google see AdWords ads (Top and bottom) with about half of search queries see top AdWords Ads (Source: moz.com). While this may vary across industries, it still represents a significant portion of this beast of a digital channel. So how much more can you squeeze out of it and much more value and ROI can you get from your online marketing?

It all depends on your underlying strategy and the tactics and tools you use to deliver your strategy. Are you using Google Ads as your main channel along with SEO, Social Media, and perhaps some traditional channels? Are you using Google Ads to drive revenue or increase awareness and engagement? And why? There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Your customer acquisition strategy will differ depending on your business goals.

Below, we share some tactics that can help you take your SEM to the next level.

1. Give true value to your leads

Another important component in your lead generation tactics is knowing what your leads and customers are looking for and what they are expecting to find or get when they come to your page. Your customers are not all equal. They are not all looking for the same thing and they are certainly not all in the decision-making process. If you expect them to give you their details, they need something valuable in return. This can be in the form of information which is a lead generation 101 tactic such as providing a brochure or an E-book. It works! However, don’t assume that this will make the cut. Many people expect info for free and wouldn’t be compelled enough to exchange their personal details for it. The more creative you are with this, the more likely you are going to generate leads and maximise your ROI.

Experiment with different ideas. It could be giving a discount, promo, or giving them a free consultation or even sending them a sample of your product or service. Be open to what you can share with them and how you are going to pitch it.

2. Speak like your customers

You have got few characters, 60 for the headline and 80 for the description (as we speak) for your AdWords copy. Add to that ‘call outs’ and other extensions, you are still quite limited with how much you can communicate. Therefore, it is crucial that you hit the nail on the head and say all the right things that your audience wants to hear.

Invest time listening to your customers. Social media is a great place for that. Check your competitors’ pages and listen to what your customers are saying. What are they looking for, what are they excited about and what frustrates them? Go one step further. Check what words they are using and what tones and what jokes they make. Once you get a good grip of the intricacies of their langauge, you will be ready to craft compelling content for your SEM campaigns that highly converts.

3. 2 step landing pages

This is one of my favourite lead generation tactics. We have seen a lot of success with 2 step landing pages over the years. Why? They give you the luxury of capitalising over a wider range of audiences. We mentioned your leads are not all in the same buying process. Some might be just browsing, and some might be ready to purchase or somewhere in between. If you pitch on your landing page too aggressively, you might lose a portion of your audience and if you under pitch to a ready buyer, that’s an opportunity loss. A well crafted 2-step landing page, you can go for the kill on your 2nd page and keep the 1st page more suited for a wider demographics.