Social media marketing strategies and tactics

Social Media Marketing Strategies And Tactics

Identifying which tactics and tools with the highest impact is a focus of most digital marketers. As a social media marketing agency, and with 2018 almost upon us, we are constantly looking towards future strategies and trends in social media marketing. The goal is to continue to disrupt the digital acquisition strategy and social media marketing is more powerful than ever. Hence, we wanted to share few best practices to take advantage of in the coming months we believe will be game changers in 2018.

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1. The Rise of Micro-Moments

The concept of micro-moments is a new idea which has slowly made its way into the field and will garner a good amount of attention over the next few years.

Micro-moments are experiences and evaluative touch points where brands meet customers’ expectations with regards to access to information. This can be noted in the prevalence of mobile phones which are the biggest point where micro-moments occur.

Implications for your company can be seen in the requirement to offer services and information in a format which is both friendly and easily accessible to mobile phones. The rising use according to Smart Insights, and demand in cell phone information, will offer you a broader base of engagement and higher levels of engagement and conversions.

2. Video marketing on the Rise

Customer’s engagement with videos is generally higher than most other media forms. This is because of the lasting impacts which can be created with well-crafted videos that connect with your audience. Not only can the visually rich elements of a video communicate your brand more powerfully, it can help build more trust and loyalty. And a video that hits the sweet spot with you target audience, can boost your brand and bring a stream if new customers.

Social media websites have ponied up to the fact that video has risen in popularity as a media format. As such, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram offer video features which are accessible and easy to use. YouTube being the the biggest platform for videos with no close rival, is surpassing the eight billion videos views per day. We recommend exploring if appropriate to your business, introducing or expanding your presence on YouTube with creative and engaging content.

3. Native Adverts Offer Better Visibility

Your website’s audience and customers are humans too. They prefer to have an uninterrupted browsing and surfing experience. Moving towards advertising techniques such as native adverts offer better exposure. The upside of that is the increase in click through rates due to their visual appeal and non-intrusive nature.

Blending in adverts to your social media pages or website is facilitated extremely well through the use of native adverts. This functions as content for a website while still acting as a marketing tool by which to offer services or a product.

4. ChatBots: Customer service enabling social media marketing

One of the fastest adopted features in large social media enterprises is the rise of chatbots. One of their main uses is to provide customer support.

Put simply, a chatbot is a computer software that, if properly designed, can offer a human-like and pleasing experience. Therefore, chatbots are a good option for taking care of a lot of the heavy lifting. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your human resources which you can utilise in other areas of the business.

Depending on the size of the businesses, organisations can have hundreds to thousands of queries and complaints a day. Bots can assist in handling some of the tedious queries with minimal chances of error.

5. Build a Brand through People

Big brands have always turned towards icons of popular culture to represent and endorse their brand. A quite interesting trend is the shift away from generic models or big icons. Rather, with the rise of the internet, personalities are slowly taking over.

Influencers and social media personalities are most active on social media platforms. Typically, they tend to have significantly large sums of followers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Buying posts and advertising with influencers can be highly productive for your brand as they will typically have dedicated and loyal  followers which will support a brand which they endorse. This, in turn can lead to a snowball effect where word of mouth leads customers to engage with others. Potentially, you can viral from there, which is every marketers dream.